Sunday, August 24, 2014

Abigail's Garden 3 {2014}

Black Eyed Susan

 She finally got her morning glories! We have been trying to grow them for years, and these seeds finally grew.
 Last year Abigail fell in love with Hollyhocks . Some sweet friends shared their seeds with her, but she was disappointed to find it takes 2 years for them to bloom. We had 2 different flowers bloom on the first year, and she was so happy! 
(You can see the second,  a white one, in the bottom photo)

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Prodigal Son- Retold

Have you seen A Long Way Off
I have to admit we only watched this movie, because we saw that Jason Burkey from October Baby, and some guy from Stargate (yep, we didn't even know who lol) were going to be in it. It wasn't an instant favorite, but it was a nice, family friendly movie perfect for movie night, and a great jumping off point for a refresher in the verses about the Prodigal Son. 

Jake  is tired of living on the family farm, submitting to the rules of his Father, Mr. Abraham.
One day, Jake demands an early inheritance from his father.  Much to the surprise of Jake – and Jake’s older brother, Seth – his Father agrees to Jake’s request and Jake is off to the big city.
Jake charges into the city, intent on proving that his modern ways are better than his dad’s traditional ways. He arrives in the city and embarks on his new life.  For a while, he does well-surprisingly well all while taking huge business risks.  His fast lifestyle finds him making “easy” money – even winning a bet with an interested and attractive local coffee house barista named Summer .
Jake’s flamboyance quickly attracts the wrong women including the seductive Laura , whose rich mobster boyfriend Frank  is often dangerously nearby.  
Jake seemingly has got the it all: money, ladies, prestige – but then suddenly, he loses it all and finds himself on the wrong end of the deal he made with mobster Frank and running for his life.  And then, it gets worse.
Just when Jake thinks he’s hit bottom, the bottom really drops out – and he is now eating out of dumpsters and literally eventually ends up in the hog pen.  He’s burned all his bridge and now, out of options, Jakes is forced to confront himself and, if he is to survive, he must discover who he really is. 
 A LONG WAY OFF is a dramatic motion picture with high artistic merit and educational value. Thematically, it is all about family values, loyalty and friendship, sacrifice and love— positives every viewer can relate to on a very intimate level.


We also watched When Calls The Heart- A Long Way Off this week.
I had seen snippets of this series, inspired by the books of Janette Oke,  on Hallmark Channel and was glad to finally watch a full episode.  We did start on episode 7, but it was still enjoyable. In this episode,  Elizabeth and Jack fight to restore their relationship. Elizabeth also searches for ways to help one of her older students, who is dyslexic,  learn how to read. Meanwhile, Adam Miller struggles to adjust to his new disability. With so many difficult changes affecting the community, can Elizabeth create a Founder's Day play that will spark hope in everybody's hearts?
When Calls the Heart is a nice, clean tv show the whole family can enjoy.
 See the Trailer here

I recieved both DVDs in return for my honest review from Edify Media, Inc 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

From seed to seed

This spring I posted about how Abigail LOVED seeds
She sprouted a bunch, but only one set made it to the garden, and this week she was able to collect seeds from the seed she planted all those months ago. 
What a beautiful thing, to see her efforts come full circle! 

Her photos from Spring:

and their progress through the Summer:
(sadly I didn't get any photos of them in the flowering stage)

 And her new seeds

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My dream has come true!

 I have my own baby chick!
Although I am only his foster mama, and he will go back to the farm when he is grown,  we are so excited to raise this guy. He is probably the most spoiled chick ever!
Does it get any better than a great book, with a chicken snuggled up and sleeping on your lap? 

 Andrew taught him a trick at only 2 days old. Who knew chickens were so smart?!?

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Share a Blessing *GIVEAWAY*

The people who made "Share a Blessing" must have known my daughter. She loves giving people cards, and she loves stickers.This has both. 24 cute cards to send, and over 1000 fun stickers!  She has had hours of fun with this, and blessed many friends with pretty cards she has sent.She loves the fancy fastener on the front too, that keeps everything tucked neatly inside. 

To win your own copy of Share a Blessing, leave a comment letting me know 
When is the last time your kids made a note to share with someone? Who was it for and what was the occassion?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Current Movies and Books...

Reposting, since this topic has come up again with the new movie coming out.


and some great posts about why I am NOT reading/seeing them.

Oh Be Careful Little Eyes
"Is reading this book or watching this movie going to fill my eyes, my head, my heart with God-honoring thoughts or is it going to cause me to lust after the fictional characters and real-life counterparts?  Am I going to be prone to speak words of encouragement and purity or will I let more things slip out that are crude and discontented?  What is the purpose of filling myself with the world…is it to spur myself on in my walk with Christ?  Is it to increase my godly example to my children (and others)?  No, it is to titillate my flesh."

50 Shades of Magic Mike
"Christian women need to reject both of these works, and instead, use our voices in support of what is good, right and true. It is our responsibility, as daughters of the Heavenly King, to remain set-apart from the poisons of our culture, to rebuke temptation, and to celebrate and honor righteousness."

Why I am NOT reading 50 Shades of Grey
"The Bible has said for thousands of years that lust is hurtful and harmful. Guess what? Biopsychologists and others are studying the effects of lust, pornography, and erotica on the brain and the body. They are finding that the Bible was, in fact, right. Over time, your body becomes conditioned to self-stimulation and gratification. It’s not just a preference. It’s physiological."

No shades of Grey-A black and white seduction of the mind
"According to Jesus, fantasizing in your mind about someone other than your spouse or indulging in even literary sexual voyeurism is sin. Because sin is ultimately a heart issue, we can’t ingest titillating images or stories about the sex lives of other people without participating (at least in our minds) in their sin."

Mommy Porn
"My question is why are these two forms of entertainment aimed for women being  advertised as harmless entertainment?  If a man started bragging at the latest issue of Play Boy we would all be disgusted. Women everywhere are heart broken at the damaging effects of pornography use in marriage, but as women we believe a lie that for us it is harmless. Where are the Godly men, I want to see them stand up and say no to these things not turn a blind eye to their wives walking straight into a dangerous open door.
According to Jesus, fantasizing in your mind about someone other than your spouse or indulging in even literary sexual voyeurism is sin. Because sin is ultimately a heart issue, we can’t ingest titillating images or stories about the sex lives of other people without participating (at least in our minds) in their sin. 
 This includes magazines, books, websites, movies, television, or whatever “provision for the flesh” we dream up (Romans 13:4). A woman reading erotic fiction is sinning in the same way a man is when he views pornography."
Living In A Shades of Grey World

"Christians often hear about the wise woman in Proverbs 31, yet fail to recognize her counterpart, the wild woman in Proverbs 7. She is described as loud and persuasive — as well as young, married and religious....When Christian women explain to me that reading "Fifty Shades of Grey" helped their marriage, it tells me they don't have a healthy understanding of God's view of sex. They're missing a vision for the beauty and the glory of who God created them to be — women who, together with their husbands, live as an expression of God's cosmic love story."

Christian Women and Mommy Porn
"So before women run to novels such as "Fifty Shades of Grey" or to movies such as "Magic Mike," let's consider the question, "Don't wives owe husbands the same courtesy we expect from them?" Women may say, "It warms me up for my husband," but that's really no different from a man looking at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and justifying his lustful eyes with an excuse like, "It makes me want my wife even more." No woman would buy that justification — so perhaps we shouldn't try to sell it, either."

The Problem With 50 Shades
"Here’s the intention for sex. Sex was made for married people. Why ONLY married people? Because sex is an incredibly emotional thing God created. It is as close as you can get to someone. It bares everything- emotionally, physically, the whole nine. Whoever you give yourself to, you need to be able to trust with your whole heart. You can’t count on that with some guy you just met. You can’t count on that with your boyfriend , because he hasn’t committed himself fully to you yet. He hasn’t stood in front of you, God, and everyone else in your life shouting to the world that he will love, cherish, and honor you (and only you) all the days of his life by marrying you. God said sex is for married people, not to restrict you and get on your nerves, but to protect you. Sex is a gift for your spouse. God doesn’t want you wasting it."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Essential Oils Part 3

 I am still a fan of essential oils! 
The more we use them, the more we love them!
I have found a regimen that works well for keeping my migraines under control. 
I layer  Plague Defense(HEO) and Migraine Relief (HEO) on my neck throughout  the migraine, and they never get bad anymore. I am still able to function, and not ever hit the intense pain phase. 
Purify(HEO) has worked wonders on all our bug bites this summer, and on my son's wasp sting. It took the swelling and pain away instantly (I do not dilute this oil).

My son was also stung by a wasp right on his lip, and I wasn't sure if Purify(HEO) was safe to ingest, so I waited to do anything to that sting. It swelled up bigger than a grape very quickly, so I decided to put some Plague Defense(HEO) on hoping it would give some relief.  It also stopped the pain, and the swelling went away shortly after I applied it (this did need diluting).

If I could have only one oil, it would be Plague Defense, hands down!

I had posted previously that I was upset that Pain X hadn't worked for me, but I pulled a muscle in my neck pretty badly a couple months ago, and for muscle pain I have found that Pain X is amazing!

I also bought Adagio for my oldest son. He has tics, and for the last few years, he would unconsciously rub his eyes, until he rubbed the skin right off from under his eyes. He had no idea he was doing it, and it frustrated  him that he could not stop or control the tic. It left scabs, that he would just rub right back off. We struggled for years, and no matter what we put on, we couldn't stop the behavior, so we were worried he would have permanent scars. I read the testimonies for Adagio, and didn't really think it would help, because nothing else had, but figured it was worth a shot. I made him a roller bottle and asked him to put an X over his heart when he woke up and when he went to bed. After a week I completely forgot all about it, and stopped reminding him to apply. A week later I realized that his scabs were gone, and I hadn't seen him rub in days! He had stopped, and was so glad about it that he remembered on his own to apply the oil twice a day.   This behavior had going on for YEARS, and it stopped within 2 weeks of beginning the oil, and has not returned in 2 months. We are absolutely amazed, and he is so thankful!

I had diluted my oils with my regular kitchen Coconut Oil at first, but recently  invested in some Roller Bottles from HEO, and they have been amazing! I bought some Fractionated Coconut Oil to add to the oils in the roller bottles, and since they are prediluted, they are so easy to just roll on when needed. 

I also have a few non Heritage brand oils that have helped me a lot. 
Living Flower Essences Sleep Spray has absolutely helped my insomnia. I spray it on after a warm Epsom salt bath before bed, and while I rarely do need a second application, it has helped me to fall asleep quickly and consistently.

Their Sports Relief Salve, made with essential oils(Cayenne, Cedarwood, Clove, Ginger, Lavender, Marjoram, Pine, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme). has also helped with my migraines. I rub it on my neck as soon as I start feeling that tightening, and it relieves the tightness and lessens the pain.

Also, this has nothing to do with oils, but I cant recommend BioNatura Arnica cream enough. It helps with bruises, sprains and  muscle pain. It was a life saver when I threw my back out, and for all sorts of other ailments. I end up giving away bottles faster than I can use them up, because people who try it are amazed and ask to keep it! 

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